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LGBTI+ Partner Visa

Australia recognizes LGBTI+ rights and allows same-sex relationships for any legal effect, including same-sex Partner Visas.

If you are in a relationship (de facto or married) with an Australian citizen, resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, please feel free to contact us.

PARTNER VISA Minimum Requirements


To apply for the Partner Visa it is necessary that the couple live together and have one of the following arrangements:

💍 Married

✍️  Registered with the state (Except in WA and NT)

🏠 De Facto Relationship  

4 Areas of Interdependence


Evidence that the couple shares financial obligations. Some examples include:

  • Joint Bank Account
  • Individual Bank Accounts
  • Nomination in the superannuation as beneficiaries


Evidence that other people know the couple:

  • Photos in social settings
  • Screenshots of social media posts
  • Declarations from Australian friends (forms 888)


Evidence the couple lives under the same roof. Some examples include:

  • Joint Lease
  • Shared utility bills
  • Correspondence (either joint or individually) at the same domicile


Evidence that the couple is committed to each other in the long run:

  • Personal Statements (relationship history statement)

How long does it take to get the Permanent Residency?

Step 1: Apply for 820 Visa (Temporary)

Applicant receives Bridging Visa A (BVA) but remains on their current visa until it expires.

Step 2: Receive 820 Visa (Temporary)

The 820 can take 6-18 months but once granted it comes with full travel and work rights

Step 3: Apply for 801 Visa (Permanent)

If the applicant receives an 820 visa, then exactly 2 years after the first application was made, they can request the 801 visa free of charge. New evidence in all categories needs to be provided.

Step 4: Receive 801 Visa (Permanent)

Here the applicant is now a full permanent resident. If the couple breaks up after this, the applicant keeps their permanent resident status.

Is your partner overseas?

If your partner is overseas, you can still apply for the 309 Partner Visa if you are married, have a registered relationship in an Australian state or you can prove that you have lived together for at least 12 months.

To apply for the 309/100 Partner Visa, the visa applicant must be overseas.

The 309 Partner (Provisional) Visa is temporary but leads to the 100 Partner (Migrant) Visa two years after the date of application.

What happens if the couple separates before the Permanent Visa is approved?

The couple must report the permanent separation to the Department of Home Affairs within 28 days . If the applicant is eligible, they may be able to apply for other visas.

Can the applicant still get a Permanent Residence even after a break up?

Most of the time, the answer is NO.

However, there are 3 exceptions:

1. If the applicant suffers domestic violence (and there is evidence of this)
2. If the sponsor dies (not killed by the applicant)
3. If the couple shares joint custody of a child.

Apply for Partner Visa

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El equipo fue muy profesional, hizo de la experiencia de renovar visa bastante sencilla, visa de estudiante aprobada en poco tiempo
Fabiana Gargano
Fabiana Gargano
GAMBA MIGRATION es un gran equipo muy profesional, que nos ayudo en nuestra obtencion de nuestra visa de estudiante, estoy estudiando un Master en la Universidad Torrens, y gracias a ellos podre finalizar mis estudios en Australia, para dar el siguiente paso a la proxima visa de posgrado. Muchas gracias GAMBA MIGRATION!!
Juliana Duque
Juliana Duque
Excellent service!! All the team is completely nice and professional. Big thanks to Andrea and Jorge but for sure to all the Gamba Team ♥️
Silvia Mantilla
Silvia Mantilla
Efectividad, calidad humana y acompañamiento profesional para garantizar que tu proceso sea exitoso. Súper recomendados Effectiveness, human quality and professional support to achieve the success on your process. Highly recommended!!
Alejandra Lopez
Alejandra Lopez
Excelente acompañamiento por parte de Andrea, siempre muy pendiente de todo, recomiendo 100% a Gamba Migration y seguiré utilizando sus servicios en futuros procesos. Aplicamos a la visa 408 en septiembre, realicé mis exámenes médicos a inicios de enero 2022 y obtuve mi aprobación el 28 de enero 2022 ? mil y mil gracias!
Lissethp Poveda
Lissethp Poveda
Excelente asesoría, tenemos el panorama mucho más claro, Jorge y su equipo realmente son muy profesionales
claudia bermudez
claudia bermudez
Excelente equipo de trabajo, todos super amables. Brindan toda la información necesaria para tu proceso de visado y te asesoran paso a paso, estoy muy agradecida de haberlos contactado a tiempo. Los recomiendo muchísimo y no dudaré en contactar una cita nuevamente con ustedes pronto ?
Gabriela Villarraga Bernal
Gabriela Villarraga Bernal
The girls were always on top of our process, and always willing and happy to help.
Natali Gomez
Natali Gomez
My experience with Gamba Migration has been great! They provide clear information and have been very agile with all the processes I have needed from them. I fully recommend them :)

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